Garrett’s US Military Family Tree

Garrett’s US Military Family Tree is growing fast!  “My maternal grandfather, Charles D. Doriocourt, Sr. served in the US Marine Corp in WWI. He was wounded in action in France and would have received a Purple Heart, but these were not available until later in history. My maternal uncle, Charles D. Doriocourt, Jr. served in the US Army in WWII. He survived the Normandy invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. It was a horrendous experience marching through Normandy and then to the Battle of the Bulge. He somehow survived and then made it to Dachau, a hideous a terrible place that was liberated by the allies.  He too was a decorated war hero. Uncle Charles went back to college after the war on the GI bill. Many years later he rejoined army intelligence. My fraternal grandfather, Harlan N. Puckett was a captain in WWII and a paymaster. A cousin, Frankie Puckett, a very interesting lady, served in WWII and was in army intelligence during the war and post war. She met Sir Winston Churchhill while in London. Two cousins served in the marines, and one is serving now as a navy attorney.”


Security America Mortgage is more than just another mortgage bank doing VA Loans, we are a team of dedicated professionals interested in developing our community, educating Veterans about their earned benefits, and fighting for Veterans benefits increases on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Started in 2005, Security America Mortgage weathered the recent recessions and is now stronger than ever thanks to our Veteran customers!

Our involvement with America’s Veterans encompasses a multifaceted approach to encouraging the success of the American dream. Financial independence is key to everyone’s success. We hope to encourage clients through any financial challenge faced, and help them secure the home of their dreams.

A breakdown of our rich history and our charitable work is here for all to experience.