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Real Estate is what we do best.  Real estate is our forte.  We are a qualified team that will take care of any of your real estate needs.  We will exceed your expectation given the opportunity.  Our experience working with buyers, sellers, lessee, lessor, on residential and commercial transactions is exactly what you need to ensure success.   In other words, our team shares information regarding local real estate trends, state, and national.  Furthermore, we price homes based on market value and our client’s needs, and we negotiate for buyers as if we were buying the property for ourselves.  Our goal is to get you the best deal no matter what the situation.  If you come to us you can count on saving as much money as possible with your best interest always at heart.  You’ll find that our team’s talent and individual skills give you the best chance for success.  There are many types of real estate transactions and the purpose of this site is to educate you and provide you a valuable service.

Security American Realty and Security America Mortgage are two separate and unique companies.  The communication, experience and teamwork between the two companies creates a synergy that will enable you in a successful real estate transaction.  There are many types of real estate transactions that could involve Security American Realty and Security America Mortgage.  For example, a Realtor from Security American Realty and loan officer from Security America Mortgage can expedite the real estate process b/c the synergies between the 2 companies.  Many home buyers make the mistake of having a loan officer who doesn’t communicate well with the Realtor or vice versa.

Real EstateIs your ultimate real estate goal is to sell for the most possible money while also taking in consideration the holding cost, the local economy, the national economy and the neighborhood’s growth rate?  Or, could your goal be to find and buy your first new home or maybe a second home or investment property?  If you would like to buy a home and need free guidance click here.  Our approach when it comes to working with buyers is multifaceted.  After a thorough analysis of your goals and objectives we will begin assisting you in your home search.  After identifying more than one home that you could fall in love with we begin negotiating on your behalf.  By giving our clients options it assures you’ll get a great deal.  We consider shopping for a home very similar to looking for a husband and wife and want to help you find the perfect pick! We serve the following States for home loans at SAM.

1 Texas real estate
2 Florida real estate