Military friendly Realtors

Military friendly Realtors at Security American Realty specialize in helping Military Veterans find housing all over the US.  We are headquartered in Houston Texas where the Real Estate market and Veteran housing is thriving. It’s of absolute importance to have an experienced Military friendly Realtor that knows the intricacies of the VA home purchase process aka VA home buying process. VA loans, FHA loans, and conventional loans all have different guidelines that real estate agents have to follow to ensure the Veteran gets the most out of his/her VA entitlement. Inexperienced agents that don’t know how VA non – allowables work, seller contributions and contractual aspects often times do a disservice to the Veteran they are working with. This is why Security American Realty, Inc. takes pride in helping Veterans and why they are considered Military friendly Realtors.

The Military friendly Realtors at Security American Realty, Inc. know how to maximize the home buying process for the Veterans, active military, and civilians that it represents. Security American Realty, Inc. goes above and beyond to negotiate the best price for its clients and customers. Our Military friendly Realtors will guide you step by step through the process to help ensure you find the best home for your family. By using Security America Mortgage, Inc. and Security American Realty, Inc. you greatly increase your chances of getting the best deal b/c of the direct communication between both companies. SAR and SAM are sister companies that work together to speed communication so that the VA home buying process is as efficient and Veteran friendly as possible. If you are active duty military or a Veteran then you’ve likely dealt with misconceptions of the VA home loan from real estate agents who aren’t familiar with the process.

It’s a common misconception in the residential real estate industry that a VA loan takes more time than conventional loans and FHA loans. At Security America Mortgage, we educate residential real estate agents on the truth in regards to how long it takes to close a VA home loan as oppose to a conventional home loan or FHA home loan.  During the economic crisis that started in 2007 we saw the majority of residential home loans to be conventional and subprime loans. During that time almost anyone could get a home loan without having to put money down. Not only did they not have to put money down, there wasn’t much to the qualifying process. There was not near enough regulation in the market and since most everyone could easily qualify for a Fannie Mae conventional loan, it made VA loans momentarily obsolete. The lack of regulation on the subprime and conventional home loan market was a major part of the financial crisis and the reason we’ve seen so many defaults and foreclosures.

When the conventional market went away during this period of regulation, government loans came back.  At Security America Mortgage we made it a point to become a FHA approved lender and a VA approved lender. No longer could everyone get a 100% loan and get all of their closing costs covered. No longer could a borrower state their income without verification. With this new period of regulation the VA loan came back, and we made it our niche. The VA home loan is the only true 100% home loan in this day and age. It’s a great loan that offers a 4% seller contribution. There is no mortgage insurance and the VA funding fee is waived for disabled Veterans.

In years past,  agents pushed their clients into quick closing, non-verified asset, non-verified income loans like sub-prime and conventional loans. They stayed away from VA loans because they required more documentation and took more time. That old school of thought is still instilled in many real estate agent’s minds. However, now all loans require the same documentation or very similar documentation of that of a VA home loan. Furthermore, VA home loans had a much lower default rate because they never quit verifying income and assets like some of the 100% loan to value conventional loans allowed. The VA home loan has historically had lower default rates. Helping Military Veterans utilize VA Home Loan Entitlement

We often here real estate agents steering a Veteran away from the VA loan because they think it takes longer and has more red tape. Many large banks don’t know how to process and underwrite VA home loans because they’ve always focused on the conventional and FHA market. This is slowly changing, but we consider our ability, training, and experience with VA home loans to be our niche. Security American Realty, Inc. spends time educating agents on the fact that a VA home loan can be closed just as fast as a regular conventional loan or FHA home loan. Security American Realty, Inc. also teaches Military, Veterans, and civilians how to set up the contract so the Veteran doesn’t have to bring any money to closing.

At Security American Realty, Inc. and Security America Mortgage, Inc. we take the most pride in helping Veterans fulfill the American Dream of home ownership. Our Military friendly Realtors have a strong desire and commitment to serve the Veterans that served this country.  Further, our Military friendly Realtors look forward to helping you find your new home! We can help you obtain your certificate of eligibility, make sure you get pre qualified and start your home search!  Military friendly Realtors, Veteran friendly realtors, military friendly realtor, VA Loan, VA Home Loan Military friendly Realtors, Veteran friendly realtors, military friendly realtor, VA Loan, VA Home Loan Military friendly Realtors, Veteran friendly realtors, military friendly realtor, VA Loan, VA Home Loan