VA Loan

The VA Loan Process is a bit more complex than traditional home loans, which is why selecting a dedicated VA Lender such as Security America Mortgage is important to ensure a streamlined process with zero headache. We also provide access to many VA Loan resources on our website because we know that Veterans want to learn more about their VA Home Loan benefits. Please click on one of the options below to learn more about the VA Loan Benefit:

  • What are the VA Loan Guidelines?
    This section discusses all of the documentation that is required for a VA Loan as well as the requirements for a VA Loan Approval
  • Eligibility Requirements for VA Loans
    Service Members and Veterans of the United States Military serving our country earn their VA Home Loan Benefit. The eligibility requirements vary depending on the type and character of your service.
  • What are the benefits of a VA Loan?
    The VA Home Loan is the preferred home loan choice for veterans and active duty military families. The VA Home Loan Program offers less restrictive guidelines and more underwriting flexibility than other types of loan products making it easier to qualify.
  • The VA Loan Process
    Purchasing a home is an exciting time; it’s when a family can come together a search for a place they can call home. Buying a home is usually the single largest financial transaction a family will ever make, but it is more than just that, it’s an investment in the family and their future.
  • VA Loan FAQs
    This section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • The difference: VA vs. Conventional
    The VA Home Loan is the very best mortgage available today to those who have earned the benefit.When comparing the pros and cons of both the VA Loan and Conventional Loan you will quickly find out that the VA Loan cannot be beat.
  • What are COEs & DD214s?
    This section discusses what government documents are required to obtain a VA Loan
  • FHA to VA Refinance
    This section discusses the benefits of refinancing from a FHA mortgage to a VA mortgage
  • Testimonials
    This section provide feedback from the happy, veteran customers of Security America Mortgage
  • Recent VA Loan News
    This section covers any VA Loan related news, such as changes to the benefits and/or the requirements for eligibility

Of course if there are other questions and/or information you are looking for that is not yet on our website then contact one of the dedicated VA Home Loan Experts at Security America Mortgage today!

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