Real Estate Investment Trust

REIT Real Estate Investment Trust an investment in real estate or mortgages.  Our company does both for the benefits of each.   However, we are looking to start raising money to invest in real estate notes/Mortgages that are low loan to value/high equity positions to reduce risk with returns around 13-15% annually.  In the case of default on a mortgage note, the equity position should more than suffice if we have to liquidate.  Properties in our REITS are approved by the investors in some form or fashion.

Why Security American Realty, Inc?

  • National Growth opportunities
  • Help Veterans find a home
  • Provide real estate representation to Pre-Approved Veteran borrowers that are excited to work with you
  • Enjoy an exclusive Territory with real estate management opportunities
  • Free education on VA real estate contract specifics
  • Get an extremely competitive split
  • Take advantage of a proven real estate marketing program
  • Work any market in the United States