Garrett Puckett is the CEO of Security America Mortgage, Inc., which is an NMLS licensed company that has expanded directly from Houston, Texas in 2009 to nearly 11+ U.S. States in 2012. Puckett also owns a Real Estate company, Security American Realty, Inc., that specializes in finding Real Estate Homes for Veterans in Texas, California, and Florida. Other VA Mortgage/NMLS states include; North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and soon many more.

Security America Insurance, Inc., and Security America Financial, Inc. are following the mortgage bank and real estate companies into every state as well as sub-services in Puckett’s goal to provide support for the U.S.A. Heroes who secured the Freedoms that Americans (like himself) enjoy. Being thankful to have Veterans who served the country is not enough for Puckett, as his ambition is to give back to Military members, honorably.

Garrett Puckett’s objective as CEO of the above mentioned companies is to grow the companies significantly in every state and eventually service Ginnie Mae Loans in addition to VA Home Loans, VA Refinance Loans, and Jumbo VA Loans.

Aside from Puckett’s diligent work toward his aspirations of helping heroes find and purchase homes, he spends his free time “living life to the fullest” as well as enjoying South Florida outdoor activities such as; watersports, tennis, golf, wakeboarding, and kite boarding. Puckett is also a frequent traveler who wholeheartedly keeps up with U.S. sports, and the lives of his close family and friends.